LOVE LOVE LOVE! Lana Earrings


I pretty much love everything by Lana Jewelry, but I especially love love love! the earrings. Lana Bramlette, known as the “Queen of Hoops,” amps up her breathtaking collections with shimmering 14kt gold, sparkling diamonds, and designs that drape body contours. Totally flirty, feminine, and very very sexy, if you like dramatic fun pieces, I highly recommend taking a moment to peruse the Lana Jewelry website and treating yourself to something truly spectacular.



LOVE LOVE LOVE! Fringe Collection in Sterling Silver by Coomi


By Kimberly Arpaia: The Fringe Collection by Coomi is fabricated in both 20kt yellow gold and in sterling silver. While both metals are stunning, I absolutely adore Coomi’s silver fringe jewelry, and if I were in a position, I would layer myself in this collection! Some silver pieces are beautifully paired with gold, like the cuff below, and many are studded with tiny diamonds that drip or glimmer at the edges. As a fine jewelry designer, I appreciate the gorgeous details that blend in such a hypnotic, harmonious way, with a palpable tribal spirit.

Breathtaking and beautifully designed – lucky Neiman Marcus is the exclusive retail place to shop this line. Click on this link to check out collection and pricing.


LOVE LOVE LOVE! Exclusive One of a Kind “Eccentric” Designs by Natalie Dissel Jewelry


I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Natalie Dissel Jewelry.

Natalie Dissel lives in the Netherlands and speaks 5 languages (Dutch, English, German, Indonesian, and Spanish, though not all fluently).  However, Natalie’s jewelry is magnificently fluent, and poetic, in celebrating breathtaking gems and minerals in their most sensuous raw forms.


Natalie Dissel Jewelry reflects Natalie’s adventurous travels, and some of her organic designs are large, artistic bold pieces of wearable art.  


Natalie highlights the natural qualities of stones, and sources gems from all over the world, including Africa, Europe, and Thailand, and she even buys rare specimens from collectors.

Drawing inspiration from nature’s texture, Natalie’s playful ideas are transformed as she combines “eccentric materials” (exceptional minerals and rare gemstones) into her extraordinary collections of exclusive high-end jewelry.

Natalie Dissel Jewelry deservedly received the 2014 Rising Star Award (JCK Las Vegas).  And, Natalie is on her way to exhibit soon at The Couture Show in Las Vegas. With National Jeweler naming Natalie Dissel Jewelry as one of 24 new exhibitors to see at this event, no doubt this show will be a smashing success for Natalie!

I am honored to showcase a few stunning pieces of Natalie Dissel Jewelry here.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Nature Inspired Jewelry by Annette Ferdinandsen


I LOVE LOVE LOVE! these bold and intriguing rainforest gold earrings with dainty white pearls by Annette Ferdinandsen.

National Jeweler named Annette one of 24 new exhibitors to see at the upcoming Couture Show in Las Vegas.  All of Annette’s work is beautiful, and I showcase a few more of her pieces below.

Annette moved from Los Angeles to attend and graduate from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design.  Annette’s original work in sculpture and bronze casting eventually lead her to master jewelry design.

Annette’s studio is in upstate New York where she is inspired by all the nature around her and in the world.  Nature is Annette’s treasure and her pieces evoke movement with subtle curves, sculptings, and etchings, often in themes of leaves, feathers, petals, and shells.  Annette’s modern, wearable interpretation of nature reflects the organic beauty of her graceful work.

Jewelry by Annette Ferdinandsen is available for purchase online at,, and other online retailers, as well as at Ten Thousand Things in New York City and other in-store retail locations.  Click here to visit Annette’s website for a complete list of locations.

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Artisan Jeweler, Annette Ferdinandsen

textured feather bangle in sterling silver

snowdrop earrings with pearls

ornate calla lily necklace in gold

small peacock cluster earrings in gold


quad-filigree-earrings-with-labradorite-and-garnetI LOVE LOVE LOVE! Ananda Khalsa Jewelry.  Each piece is designed and hand fabricated in Ananda’s studio located in Northampton, Mass. Ananda works in high karat gold and silver with beautiful colored gemstones, and some of her pieces contain an original paper painting set behind crystal.

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry has been named as one of 24 new exhibitors to see at The Couture Show from May 28th to June 1st at the Wynn in Las Vegas.

Click this link to visit Ananda’s website – see her breathtaking jewelry, and read about her symbolic design inspirations.





LOVE LOVE LOVE! Platinum Gemstone Earrings by Artisan Jeweler Deirdre Featherstone


Deirdre Featherstone in her design studio
Deirdre Featherstone in her design studio

One of my greatest personal and professional pleasures is discovering phenomenal beauty and stellar craftsmanship in luxury women’s jewelry.

In recognition of my first LOVE LOVE LOVE! blog, I wanted to celebrate artisan jeweler, Deirdre Featherstone, and her exquisite feminine chandelier earrings (my absolute most favorite 2 pairs shown below!).

A mega talent in the jewelry world, Featherstone is at the pinnacle of her career – she has earned some of the most prestigious and coveted jewelry design awards in the industry, as well as being named “Master American Platinumsmith” by Platinum Guild International.

Featherstone’s gorgeous atelier, The Studio, is located in the TriBeCa neighborhood of New York City (by private appointment only).

Visit Featherstone’s intriguing website to view her current earring and necklace selections, and discover about her passion and design inspirations at:

Deirdre Featherston  2013 AGTA Spectrum Award
Deirdre Featherstone Opal Shangri-La Earrings – 2013 AGTA Spectrum Award “Best Use of Platinum and Color”
Deirdre Featherstone Earrings  2013 AGTA Spectrum Award for
Deirdre Featherstone Platinum, Diamond and South Sea Baroque Pearl Earrings – 2013 AGTA Spectrum Award for “Platinum Honors – Bridal Wear”