LOVE LOVE LOVE! Exclusive One of a Kind “Eccentric” Designs by Natalie Dissel Jewelry


I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Natalie Dissel Jewelry.

Natalie Dissel lives in the Netherlands and speaks 5 languages (Dutch, English, German, Indonesian, and Spanish, though not all fluently).  However, Natalie’s jewelry is magnificently fluent, and poetic, in celebrating breathtaking gems and minerals in their most sensuous raw forms.


Natalie Dissel Jewelry reflects Natalie’s adventurous travels, and some of her organic designs are large, artistic bold pieces of wearable art.  


Natalie highlights the natural qualities of stones, and sources gems from all over the world, including Africa, Europe, and Thailand, and she even buys rare specimens from collectors.

Drawing inspiration from nature’s texture, Natalie’s playful ideas are transformed as she combines “eccentric materials” (exceptional minerals and rare gemstones) into her extraordinary collections of exclusive high-end jewelry.

Natalie Dissel Jewelry deservedly received the 2014 Rising Star Award (JCK Las Vegas).  And, Natalie is on her way to exhibit soon at The Couture Show in Las Vegas. With National Jeweler naming Natalie Dissel Jewelry as one of 24 new exhibitors to see at this event, no doubt this show will be a smashing success for Natalie!

I am honored to showcase a few stunning pieces of Natalie Dissel Jewelry here.

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