Juicy Jewelry News!

Juicy Jewelry News! recaps some of the biggest news from top insider industry sources. Here are two of the latest stories and events taking place in the jewelry world:

PINK and PEACH Gemstones SUPER HOT in 2015

(reported by National Jeweler, article by Brecken Branstrator)


Pink gemstones have been popular since Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez back in 2002 with a 6.1 carat pink Harry Winston diamond engagement ring estimated at $1.2 million. While pink diamonds and pink sapphires top the list in pink stone engagement rings, morganite (shown) is a standout affordable alternative and making its mark.

Currently, morganite (the pink variety of the beryl gem species, named to honor American financier and gem enthusiast J.P. Morgan – aquamarine is the blue variety of beryl, and emerald is the green variety of beryl) is “selling like hotcakes” according to gemstone dealer Simon Watt of Mayer & Watt. Morganite’s rosy color and hardness make it a good ring stone, and Pantone’s naming of “Marsala” the color for 2015 has increased demand for this lovely stone.

Morganite’s color range includes pink, rose, peach and salmon. Most morganite in the marketplace is uniform in color, a pretty peachy-pink as a result of heat treatment to enhance the pink hue and reduce brownish tints as well as yellow or orange tinges. The treatment is stable under normal conditions and is not detectable. While Madagascar and Nigeria mines yield good natural color morganite, production from these traditional sources has dwindled. Currently, Brazil is the largest producer of morganite. Brazilian morganite responds well to treatment to enhance the overall pink hue.

The price of morganite has skyrocketed over the past few years for both natural and treated stones due to the fact that demand is up and supply is down. While more of the vivid pink morganite has entered the market this year, the peach color remains popular and there has been a tremendous increase in demand for peach sapphire.

With pink and peach gemstones increasing in popularity over the past 5 years, dealers see no waning on the horizon and are predicting that these colors are not a mere fashion trend but establishing an iconic place in colored stone jewelry.

BLUE NILE to Open Store in Roosevelt Field Mall

(reported by National Jeweler, article by Michelle Graff)

With no date announced, Blue Nile confirmed that it plans to open a “small space” in Roosevelt Field, a mall in Garden City, Long Island, New York.  The brick and mortar spot will allow customers to see and try on Blue Nile jewelry.  At least initially though, purchases will be required to be made online and not in-store. Blue Nile will be located near Macy’s and Lord & Taylor (not yet open).

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